Introducing SVR Repo: A Budget-Friendly GPS Solution for BHPH Dealerships

In the world of buy-here, pay-here dealerships, simplicity and cost-efficiency are key. SVR Tracking, a leading provider of asset management solutions for the automotive industry, recognizes this need and has introduced its latest GPS tracking device – SVR Repo. Branded as a “no-frills” solution, SVR Repo is designed specifically for dealers whose primary goal is to locate and repossess vehicles.

Key Features of SVR Repo:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: With coverage across all of North America, dealers can track vehicles even in remote areas.
  2. Frequent Location Reporting: SVR Repo provides location updates every 10 minutes, ensuring real-time tracking.
  3. Unlimited “Locate Now” Functionality: Dealers can request immediate vehicle location updates whenever needed.
  4. Over-the-air Capabilities: The device allows remote updates and management, streamlining operations for dealers.
  5. Vehicle Recovery Mode: SVR Repo includes a vehicle recovery mode to facilitate smooth repossessions.
  6. Configurable Starter Enable/Disable: Dealers have remote control over the vehicle’s starter system, aiding in repossession efforts.

Affordability and Savings:

According to SVR Tracking’s chief operating officer, Diego Tebaldi, SVR Repo can save dealers 25-30% compared to the company’s premium GPS offering and 15-20% compared to its standard GPS solution. This makes SVR Repo an ideal fit for dealerships that currently don’t use GPS due to cost concerns or those with GPS devices that remain underutilized.

Meeting the Needs of Dealerships:

SVR Repo was developed as a budget-friendly, entry-level GPS solution, recognizing that not all dealerships require sophisticated features like geofencing and multiple alerts. By focusing on the essentials, SVR Tracking aims to cater to dealerships seeking a cost-conscious GPS solution solely for vehicle repossession purposes.

Engaging with SVR Tracking:

Executives from SVR Tracking will be present at the BHPH Super Forum hosted by NIADA in Austin, Texas, from November 9-11. Dealers interested in SVR Repo or exploring the company’s full suite of GPS products can schedule a meeting by emailing

In conclusion, SVR Repo is a straightforward and affordable GPS solution tailored to meet the needs of buy-here, pay-here dealerships focused on vehicle repossession. By offering essential features and cost savings, SVR Tracking aims to simplify the tracking process, making it a valuable asset for dealerships across North America.

Press release: SVR Tracking unveils ‘no frills’ GPS tracking tailored for BHPH dealers