/ Protect your assets

Empowering your business with solution-based products.

We make it easy for BHPH and used car dealerships to keep track of their inventory and always know where their car is. With our cutting edge technology, we provide peace of mind for everyone involved in the process of buying or selling a car.

if something happens, SVR Tracking will help you find the car quickly and easily.

Never lose your car again

Continuous tracking for maximum security and peace of mind


Tracking Benefits

SVR Tracking helps vehicle lot owners to drive down operating costs and increase earnings

Grant credit for higher risk customers. Accept smaller down-payments. Improve ability to collect on loans.
Our service’s reliability boosts your ability to sell high-value vehicles, allowing you to take calculated risks on the assets sold.

Our service makes repossessions easier by helping you to know where your vehicles are most likely to be.

/ Easy Installation

Get location updates on a map or via SMS/Email