Why Choose Us

SVR Tracking offers various industry-specific solutions for businesses and enables you to locate, monitor, and recover your vehicles and assets with continuous tracking.

Continuous Tracking

Always know the location of your valuable assets. Airtime starts at install. Unlimited locates.

Impound Notification

We offer an extensive, national Impound Lot database. If one of your vehicles enters one, an alert is generated.

Easily Accessible

Create and manage multiple users for each SVR account - via desktop or our easy-to-use SVR Mobile App.

Key Alerts

Create custom alerts to protect your assets, manage your inventory, guide preventative maintenance activities and more.

Informative Dashboard

At a glance portfolio dashboard with graphs and detailed information to accurately monitor your vehicles and assets.

Service Warranty

We stand behind our products and service with a 3-year warranty and the best technical support team in the industry.

Quick Recovery

Continous tracking that makes recovery fast and efficient.

Industry-Leading Devices

High Quality products with dual antennae, backup batteries, and cutting-edge components


SVR Mobile App

  • Track vehicles and assets on the go

  • Set alerts to be notified of low batteries, speed, mileage and much more.

  • Scan VIN and tracking device barcodes directly into system.

* The app is called GPS Track Services