SVR 502

The SVR502 was designed with unique Smart Power℠ technology delivering high-performance battery power management. What does this mean to our customers?​. What does this mean to our customers?

  • Battery longevity, 2-3 years under normal use depending on device type

  • Sustained power under extreme temperatures and poor network conditions


A smart battery powered GPS Solution that will endure

SVR502-MD Features

  • Self powered, no wired installation

  • Small, compact design

  • Long term battery longevity; up to 3 years

  • Enhanced LTE Cat M1 coverage

  • Waterproof, environmentally sealed against dust, water, and high-pressure spray water intrusion

  • Advanced battery power management with patent pending Smart Power℠ technology

  • Multiple device options and power management modes

  • 3-year warranty*

SVR502-MD Tracking Modes

Flexible tracking modes to preserve battery life and enable recovery when needed.


Ultra-low power management for shipping & storage


Reports the first 144 locations events to collect Top Stops and for easy address verification


Daily check-in mode reporting every 12.5-hours while preserving battery life


Initiated by user to identify the exact location to recover the vehicle

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*Please see device warranty for specific details.